Officers & Contact

Officers and the churches they attend are:
  President - Sharon Roegge, St. John's, Hazleton, PA
  Vice President – Milly Kwiatkowski, HolyTrinity, Parma, OH
  Secretary - Martha Moyer, Resurrection, Malvern, OH
  Treasurer – Nona Schipull, Zion, Norridge, IL

Pastoral Counselor – Rev. Curtis Stephens, St. Matthew's, Norton, OH

Zone Presidents:
  Cathy Friedman - Eastern - Zion, Clark, NJ 
  Nona Schipull - Western - Zion, Norridge, IL
  Mickey Krnach - St. John's, Massillon, OH

Committee chairman are:

  Bylaws – Verna Jurkovich, Calvary, Parma, OH
  Mission Grants - Leah Socrates, Concordia, Bethlehem, PA
  Nominating – Cathie Friedman, Mickey Knasch, Nona Schipull, and Millie Kwiakowski